Shokoofa Behdian Arian: After a remarkable success in producing herbal shampoos with unmatched quality in Negin Behdasht Arian Company and the construction of raw material production factories in the detergent industry, it was time to take action to produce other household detergents, so managers and investors of companies Arian decided to build a collection to produce a variety of household detergents and in 2016 this decision was realized.

Shokoofa Behdian Arian Company has been built on a 14,000 square meter land with 15,250 square meters of production and office space for the production of products such as dishwashing liquid, washing liquid, liquid soap, body shampoo, glass cleaner, fabric softener and و inside the complex. In addition to producing the above products, it is also able to produce the bottles, gallons and lids of the containers it needs.

Simultaneously with the establishment and construction of Shokoofa Behdasht factory, in cooperation with the marketing, product design, graphics and formulation group, the first product of Shokoofa Behdasht Arian Company was ready to be produced. Completely different classifications and excellent quality were introduced to the market.

The production and storage capacity of Shokoofa Arian Health Production Complex is as follows:

Annual production capacity and production of liquid detergents such as dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and… 300,000 tons
Annual packing capacity of liquid detergents such as dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and ۳ 323 thousand tons
Annual production capacity of 250 million pieces of various containers with different capacities
Annual production capacity of 300 million pieces of caps for various dishes
Raw material storage and storage space 2880 cubic meters
Storage and storage space for products 22,500 cubic meters

Shokoofa Behdasht Arian Company is equipped with microbiology, chemical and physical laboratories according to standard criteria, which is responsible for quality control of products, even bottles and caps, and ensuring the quality defined for products around the clock. In addition to recording events, send product control reports online during the day to the managers of quality control and production.

DORTO Projects By Media نمونه کارهای برندDORTO به تفکیک رسانه
DORTO Projects By Media نمونه کارهای برندDORTO به تفکیک رسانه